The European City of Architecture, Music and Art: Vienna, Austria

vienna architecture3

Vienna, Austria is a European city that should be in your “travel wish list” if it isn’t already. I loved this city, it is brimming with culture and arts. It is stunning to look at and it has plenty to explore and experience.

A few of the many places to visit in beautiful Vienna:

Schönbrunn Palace

vienna schonbrunn palace1

This palace with vast gardens, labyrinths, and fountains house the history of the Habsburg monarchs.

The Gloriette overlooking Schönbrunn Palace.
The Gloriette overlooking Schönbrunn Palace.

vienna Schonbrunn Palace gardens vienna labyrinth vienna me

Streusel making demonstration.
Streusel making demonstration.


Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna
Hundertwasserhaus, Vienna

One of my personal favorite places; this apartment building was built after the idea and concept of Austrian artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

vienna hundertwasser1 vienna hundertwasser

The restroom inside.
The restroom inside.

Haus der Musik

Be a composer for a day at the Haus der Musik.
Be a composer for a day at the Haus der Musik.

The Haus der Musik (House of Music) in Vienna opened in 2000, and is the first museum of sound and music in Austria. I enjoyed this place immensely. The building is full of exhibitions teaching about the world of music from the earliest human use to present day. It has several interactive and high-tec presentations.  I especially enjoyed the famous composer rooms as I am a classical music fan.

vienna haus der musik
Vintage music flyers.

Attend A Live Music Orchestra

vienna orchestra night architecture

If you enjoy classical music, you mustn’t skip this activity if you are in Vienna. There are countless places and opportunities to do this.

vienna orchestra night 2

The Albertina Museum

vienna albertina museum

The Albertina is a museum in the Innere Stadt (First District) of Vienna, Austria. It houses one of the largest and most important print rooms in the world with approximately 65,000 drawings and approximately 1 million old master prints, as well as more modern graphic works, photographs and architectural drawings.

And there is a lot more to do!…

Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum)
Naturhistorisches Museum (Natural History Museum)
Prater, Vienna
Prater, Vienna

The Wurstelprater amusement park, often simply called “Prater” is a large public park in Vienna’s 2nd district.

At Prater.
The weirdest stick your face thingy I’ve seen, at Prater.

vienna architecture 2 vienna architecture door vienna architecture4

Have you been to Vienna? Did you have any favorite spots I didn’t mention?

5 thoughts on “The European City of Architecture, Music and Art: Vienna, Austria

  1. Vienna is one of the greatest cities I have ever been to…food, people, energy, and history. And to top it all the music! I am in love with Vienna…I’d go back anytime…Naschmarkt is amazing as well…love all the food and nick nacks you can get…

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